Menabo European Rear Mounted Bicycle Carrier (Rack for 3 Bikes)

Menabo European Rear Mounted Bicycle Carrier (Rack for 3 Bikes)
Item# MEN-6350

Product Description

This heavy duty rear mounted bicycle carrier is made for the discerning cyclist. Unlike other rear carriers, this rack will keep your valuable bicycles above the road dirt and most modest rear end encounters.

Easier to load and unload than roof mounted models, the Stand-Up is one of the Premium Series of the Menabo line up. Made out of steel with aluminum bike support rails, this Italian designed and manufactured rack is one of Europe's most popular. All Menabo racks are tested and approved by the German TüV for safety and performance.

A Stand-Up 3 will hold three bikes with a combined weight of up to 99 pounds (45kg). Each bike is secured with adjustable straps and tires are safely cradled in the aluminum channels.

Tires widths up to 75 mm (3") will fit in the wheel supporting channels. Tire sizes between 22" and 29" are easily accommodated. Overall length of the bicycle frame must be no more than 44.8" (110 mm). Oval cross tubes should be between 30 mm x 60 mm and 50 mm x 70 mm. Round cross tubes should be no more than 50 mm and no less than 30 mm.