5 Bike Carriers

5 Bike Carriers
Item# 5bikecarrier

Product Description

Bike racks will not accept oval tube bikes.

These bike racks are suitable for use with Class III - Class V with 2" receiver opening.
Fold down models allow the rack to fold away from rear access doors found on van's and SUV's.
General Features & Benefits
  • Hitch mounted racks keep bikes away from vehicle paint job
  • Bike does not need to be taken apart for mounting
  • Vehicle remains aerodynamic while on highway
  • Bikes can be easily locked to rack by locking top plate
  • Rack can be locked to vehicle using receiver locks
  • Bikes can be quickly mounted on rack
  • Rack is easily removed and stored when not in use
  • All corners rounded for safety
  • Textured gloss powdercoat, black paint finish.

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